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After studying at Nantes School of Art (2006-2009), Florence Royet experimented with several techniques and mediums such as photography, acrylique and oil painting and silkscreen printing. 

Her studies then led her to Japan where she lived and worked for one year. Back to France she got back into painting and started working on her favorite themes. 

The landscapes of Normandy, cherished by the Impressionist painters such as Claude Monet and Eugène Boudin, are her main source of inspiration. There she seeks to capture each and every change of color and light of the everlasting game between the sky and the sea. Her paintings carry the viewer to a chromatic universe of blue and greens. 

Alongside to this work, she develops a technique based on verticality, focused on the pattern of the tree. The master of plants then becomes the main and only subject of her paintings. Removed from his usual environment, Florence’s tree stands alone, self-reliant. A powerful intensity sips through those singular paintings. 

In other painting series, the artist abolishes all dimensions and takes on painting the color alone, removing all shape. This becomes an exercise aimed at solely satisfying an aesthetical need. 

The lockdown episodes of 2020 in France and worldwide allowed the artist to take the time to reflect on and question her artistic approach, resulting in a desire to experiment new techniques. She allows herself to "let go", and develops a painting style closer to her thoughts and feelings.

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